Confidence, Speed & Accuracy: Income 2.0

Income 2.0 steps up to the stability and speed startups need to better verify income and employment data.

Confidence, Speed & Accuracy: Income 2.0


Over the past year, we’ve been making incremental updates to our Income product. The goal has been to ensure a more reliable and speedier system that businesses and developers alike can rely on. Today, we are excited to share a major update to our Income API with V2.0 available to all users on the Okra platform.

In this blog, we’ll cover the improvements made, and what developers should note as they work with the API. Here we go!

Experience Changes

The core of the V2.0 update is based on the speed and reliability of the data we share. A major rewrite ensures that now, developers can expect a 3X latency improvement and up to 50% better accuracy in the data they receive. This allows businesses to faster and better understand their customers and increased confidence that the data they’re working with drives results.

API Response Changes

Income 2.0 also introduces some changes to the structure of the responses sent by the API. This is to provide more clarity for developers as they parse the data. A key highlight in the response changes is the income history which allows businesses to have a better understanding and view of income changes over time.

Moreover, we have made updates to the stream ranking mechanism. Through a proprietary algorithm, we are able to rank streams of income based on their contribution to the overall income of the user - allowing us to identify the primary income stream much more effectively.

Below is an overview of the changes you’ll notice we’ve cleaned up the responses making it easier to access key data points including:

  1. Confidence score
  2. Streams of income
  3. Number of transactions
  4. Status of the call
Account Summary - Income 2.0 API Response
Streams - Income 2.0 API Response


To close out the brief, we have made some important updates to the Income product:

  1. 1.5X Latency Improvement
  2. 50% improvement in confidence score accuracy
  3. New Income History Data Point
  4. Improved Income Streams ranking

Income 2.0 steps up to the stability and speed startups need to better understand their users. We hope you enjoy using the API as much as we enjoyed building it.

We've updated the docs to help you get started with Income 2.0. Check them out here.

We’d love to get your feedback on these changes. Feel free to reach out to us at

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