🎉 Introducing Okra Lite: Flexible Pricing for Early-Stage Startups

With an offering of discounted pricing, Okra Lite is the best way to access financial information as an early-stage startup. See how to apply.

🎉 Introducing Okra Lite: Flexible Pricing for Early-Stage Startups

Over the past year, Okra's robust data infrastructure has contributed to scaling the efforts of various startups. In many ways, Okra has helped these startups build products that were once deemed impossible to implement in Africa.

Today, we are excited to announce the launch of Okra Lite! This offering deepens our commitment to helping more startups build the impossible with Okra. With Okra Lite, early-stage startups can use Okra at a discounted pricing tier.

Finally, Okra Lite is part of a bigger plan to build tailored features for early-stage startups. In 2022, we'll unveil our roadmap for this early-stage program. To get notified when more parts of the early-stage program launch, do not forget to subscribe to our blog updates.

Why did we build Okra Lite?

Building a startup is hard, and we know this first-hand. Secondly, several demands are pulling at scarce funds at the early stage. Hence, spending as much as you wish on essential services can be challenging. Okra Lite fixes this challenge by helping you gain access to the financial infrastructure you need to serve your customers.

Okra Lite is the launchpad for those brilliant ideas that may have been difficult to implement due to limited funds. Now, you can build with what you can afford. With this support system, we hope to see more startups go to market faster with products that require Okra's services and scale to become giants in their spaces.

Get access to Okra Lite

How does Okra Lite work?

Okra Lite gives clients access to:

  1. Authentication - Free
  2. Mini Identity (KYC)- ₦50 per API call
  3. Three (3) months of transactions history- ₦100 per API call

Who qualifies for Okra Lite?

We have left this open to a broad range of beneficiaries. Check below to see if you qualify:

  1. Early-stage Startups
  2. Businesses offering micro-loans
  3. Organizations with a small or no technical team

If you do not meet any of the requirements above but still believe you should qualify? Please send an email to sales@okra.ng. We respond quickly.

How to access Okra Lite

  1. Signup for Okra (if you don't have an account).
  2. Verify, and log in.
  3. Create a new project specifically for Okra Lite
  4. Please share the project name with your sales rep or send it to sale@okra.ng with the subject: Okra Lite Request.

How to create a new project 👇🏾

Okra Lite FAQs

  1. Are there any hidden or extra costs?
    None at all. You only get charged the associated fee, which only happens when you make a successful API call.
  2. Do I need a minimum number of API calls to qualify?
    No, you don't. Okra Lite helps you get started at any level.
  3. Can I use other products outside the Okra lite products?
    Yes, but you'll need to set up a new project. With a new project, you can access all the Okra products under a new project, including non-okra lite products.