Okra Product Update: March 2022

Our March product update includes an improved docs structure, new default widget view, bank optimizations, open positions, and more.

Okra Product Update: March 2022

⭐️ What's new?

Documentation restructure

We updated the structure of our docs, so that you can easily find the right content no matter what you are looking for. We streamlined our pages for easy navigation, removed duplication, and updated labels to minimize confusion. Check out our updated documentation.

Default widget to list view

When customers are selecting their bank on the Okra widget, the default display of banks is now list view instead of the previous card view. Customers will now be able to search and identify their bank quickly.

👉🏾 Fixes and Improvements

Financial Institutions

  • Resolved various GTBank authentication, transactions and payment issues.
  • Fixed login issues on Zenith Bank web and mobile.
  • Refactored Kuda Bank for data linking.
  • Fixed an OTP error on Fidelity Bank web.
  • Updated API file for ALAT web to prevent errors.
  • Fixed a null error for Suntrust web.
  • Fixed an error for Globus Bank that was causing failed connections even with valid login credentials.
  • Fixed widget error for Providus Bank.


  • Fixed technical error on payment authorization only widget.
  • Refactored how identity photos are saved to prevent errors.
  • Resolved issues causing transactions to not pull for certain banks - Suntrust mobile, FCMB mobile and Wema Bank.


With Okra’s upgraded React Native SDK, you can build great open finance apps that work seamlessly for both Android and iOS devices. Learn how to integrate Okra in your React Native app in less than 5 minutes here.

👫 We are hiring!

Know somebody that could be interested in joining our team? Get up to $1,000 when you successfully refer someone to join Okra.

Current openings include:

  • Customer Engineer (Technical)
  • Data Scientist (Machine Learning Engineer)
  • Engineering Manager, Data Infrastructure
  • Financial Analyst
  • Platform Engineer (Android)
  • Sr. DevOps Engineer
  • Sr. Frontend Engineer
  • Sr. Technical Recruiter
  • Team Lead - Payments, Data Infrastructure
  • Technical Account Manager

Apply to all of our job posts on our site.

🚀 What's Next?

There are lots of exciting things in the works for April! We are making some major improvements to several Okra touch points, so make sure to subscribe to the Okra Blog, so you do not miss anything!

The Okra Team.