How Patricia Drives Onboarding Success with Okra

Patricia offers fast and reliable onboarding with a 98% success rate through Okra's Identity APIs. Learn how this has helped their growth.

How Patricia Drives Onboarding Success with Okra

Patricia's goal is to make alternative payments seamless for individuals and businesses across Africa. To achieve this, Patricia needed a quick way to onboard customers without any verification hassles, which led them to Okra.

To ensure seamlessness, we needed an identity verification provider that was reliable. Okra was the choice and one we do not regret.
- Tamaraebi Ogosi, Product Manager, Patricia.

The Onboarding Challenge

Like Patricia, onboarding customers for digital financial products comes with the challenge of fast and reliable verification. Asides from the cost associated with the traditional approach, verification can also take too long on some digital platforms.

Despite spending a lot on this process and sacrificing user experience somehow, the verification success rate was still below par for Patricia. The underperformance was costing the business money and customers. Here's how Tamaraebi describes the challenge:

Onboarding is like the haggling process in a physical market. The person is yet to be a user, and at this point of zero commitment, they can be dissuaded by any slight challenge faced. So it is essential to leave the process seamless and straightforward.

The Okra Solution

The Patricia team decided to use Okra's Identity APIs to create a seamless verification process.

The Identity APIs help businesses:

  1. Verify customers through multiple identity options—including selfie verification.
  2. Reduce the possibility of fraud by confirming that the person using your product is a valid account owner.

Further, with Okra's Identity APIs, verification is possible within seconds. Patricia's customers do not have to wait for 48 hours to gain full access to features, and your business can offer a similar process to your customers. Learn how verification works with Okra.

The Impact

Onboarding with Okra's identity verification service was a no-brainer. With a success rate of over 98%, we know we made the right choice!
- Tamaraebi Ogosi, Product Manager, Patricia.

With a faster onboarding process and better user experience, Patricia has won over more potential customers and positioned itself for word of mouth driven growth.

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