Introducing Okra's Public Roadmap

Creating more transparency into how we build our products and the progress we’re making.

Introducing Okra's Public Roadmap

This year, we’ve strived to create more transparency into how we build our products and the progress we’re making. Today, we’re launching a public roadmap and feedback platform to bring even more transparency and accountability to our product development priorities.

We want to hear what users value and what features you think we should work on. When we feel that the feedback on a certain request has become a priority, we will move it to the product development roadmap for design, development and release.

What will set us apart in 2023 is not the number of good ideas we can keep to ourselves, but rather how we execute on a good idea.

How to use the platform


Okra’s public roadmap is where users can find what we’ve shipped, what we intend to ship and can contribute ideas for what we should ship next.  You can subscribe to individual roadmap items or leave feedback if there are additional features you would like to see.


Subscribe to announcements, API updates, and product launches by clicking the “Subscribe” button on the main page for a direct email notification.  You can also scroll to see a past history of announcements and leave feedback for the product team.


On the “Ideas” tab, you can see some items that are in consideration for our roadmap.  The more upvotes we get on these items the more consideration they get as we are weighing product development priorities.

Why now?

We expect this public roadmap to be the cornerstone of our (non-support related) user feedback. We like this as a product team for a few reasons:

  • It gives the transparency of seeing exactly what we’re working on and what the status is
  • It will help us make better products
  • It will drive accountability to execute on high priority feature requests

If you’re not already subscribed, you can do so through the button above.  Looking forward to hearing your feedback and building the impossible with you next year.