Why Deepak Chose to Work with Okra

Deepak Mali shares why he chose to work with Okra after building great products at Finicity, A Mastercard Company, and Reliance Jio.

Why Deepak Chose to Work with Okra

Deepak Mali is currently a Senior Software Engineer at Okra and earned a Bachelor’s degree in Engineering from the University of Mumbai. He loves to play and watch cricket. He enjoys cooking and is always ready to feast on new dishes! In his own words:

What was your career life like before Okra?

In 2016, I received a Bachelor of Engineering degree from the University of Mumbai in India. My first job involved building on a few large-scale OTT (over-the-top) applications. As I began to earn an income, I found it challenging to manage my finances and began exploring fintech tools to help me address my problem. As a result, I developed an interest in the fintech industry. Since then, I've worked on some fantastic fintech products and solutions, such as the backend of a UPI (unified payments interface) application of a project called Jio Payments Bank and a financial data aggregation platform at Finicity, A Mastercard Company. We aggregated customers' financial data from various sources and made it available to customer consented businesses at their fingertips. It is very fulfilling to know that my solution is solving someone’s financial challenges.

What did you enjoy about your former workplace?

I had the freedom to think, share, explore, debate, and develop an idea in my previous workplace. I believe that for any organization to grow, ideas should flow more from the bottom to the top rather than top to bottom, and I experienced this work successfully in my previous organisation. I learned about and fell in love with maintaining privacy and security at the heart of the product without compromising on features.

Why did you choose to join Okra?

Okra is a great workplace to be in! From my first interaction to the present, I have found everyone very friendly and professional. Everyone works hard and has a good time, and people value fresh ideas and are eager to discuss and experiment on them.

What did you love about the hiring process?

For me, the hiring process went smoothly. Aside from the technical rounds, I had conversations with people I would be working with, including the CEO and COO, and I learned about my role and the organisation. I had a great time interacting with everyone and understanding the culture here.

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What do you see yourself achieving with Okra?

Employees, I believe, grow with organizations, and Okra is on the right track. I see a lot of potential for Okra in the African market and beyond, and I wish to assist Okra in putting its best foot forward for our customers!

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Would you like to work with Okra?

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Deepak looks forward to working with you. 💚

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