Why Tunde Chose to Work with Okra

Olatunde Garuba shares why he chose to join Okra after working at several global companies like Andela, YellowHammer, TheMuse, etc.

Why Tunde Chose to Work with Okra

My name is Olatunde Garuba, and I am the Engineering Manager of the Core Infrastructure team at Okra. I have a B.Tech with honors in Physics/Electronics from the Federal University of Technology Minna. More broadly, my experience spans shipping production-ready applications, team management, and software engineering consultancy.

How did your engineering career start?

Sometime in 2007, while in school, it dawned on me that I’d end up with a certificate and no practical experience, and the knowledge that comes from that, so I was looking for a way out. Then I met a senior colleague named Christopher(aka AG)! He mentored me in embedded system design (a story for another day!), and after a number of years, I moved from Assembly language to Embedded C for hardware. While working on a remote data logging system, I realized the need to hook up the internet to my remote data log, which then led to the start of my web application journey with Andela at the time.

What was your career life like before Okra?

I belong to the school of thought that views life as a journey, not a destination. While on this journey, a number of things stand out to me with the most important being the places I choose to work. Okra is not just a great solution but also a place that brings out the best in me! It’s given me the ability to work on a global solution and interact with problem solvers worldwide. In simple terms - Okra as a solution is awesome, the goal is great, and the team is fantabulous!

Why did you choose to join Okra?

Before joining Okra, I had worked at several companies such as Andela, YellowHammer Media Inc, The Daily Muse, Fibre Lifestyle inc, Akanka Design, etc. All these experiences have shaped who I am today, whether that be my engineering, team management or entrepreneurial experiences.

What excites you about Okra?

Two things, the solutions or diverse applications, and the opportunity to do something impactful. In summary, I would say working at Okra could be likened to transitioning from a river to an ocean as a swimmer, and that’s very exciting!

Would you like to work with Okra or know anyone interested?

We are constantly in search of brilliant minds to work with us. Wherever you are in the world, we want to work with you. Get up to $1,000 when you successfully refer someone to Okra. To apply, follow these steps:

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  3. Apply, and we'll get back to you.

Tunde looks forward to working with you. 💚

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